Social Media provides the best platform for internet marketing today with most advanced techniques available. WebSpinSG offers a complete bundle of Social Media Optimization packages at very affordable rates. Social Media Optimization plays an important part in the success of a website.

In social media optimization we create your brand awareness by targeting the right audience on various social media outlets and creating the viral publicity.SMO is the Building block to be internet marketing after SEO. It is the process of maximizing the traffic on a website by targeting the specific keywords in SEO.

SMO works in cohesion to three factors words, video and images.

  • Unique Content Posting in the form of articles or blogs
  • Product Video of the company is linked on several Social Media platforms
  • Images of the brand Products and Brand Awareness are uploaded on various platforms.


These are the Several components of SMO technique that we work on :-

  • Increase your Linkabilty – We develop links to your website by posting videos/Images on various platforms for increase in the amount of traffic.
  • Make tagging and bookmarking easy- Right audience itself makes bookmarking easy and increases the traffic on website. We select certain strategies where we gather the Quality audience.
  • Target Right Audience – Quality Traffic is only generated if we target the right Audience.
  • Online Conversations- Online conversations and blogs presentation has to be made so that the user can connect to the website easily and effectively.
  • Quality Content – Each Content posted online has to be unique in order to deliver the right result.
  • Content Sharing- Large amount of content is shared on various content sharing platforms like Quora and other blogs, which catches the attention of visitors instantly.